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Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to make the decisions? so i ran for the city council in my junior year when i was 20 years old and i won. four years later i decided that i would like to be the mayor. iran and i won and laboratories of democracy i truly think cities are the frontline frontline of democracy. cities are where ideas get put into action where you can see if they are going to make a difference or not. one of the ideas that i championed it my second year in 2009 back when i was a young man was a smoking ban. banning smoking in public parks outdoors and after playgrounds and dining spaces in the comments which is a buyer -- which is our outdoor pedestrian park. the time it was very radical. the following year mayor bloomberg at the did the same thing in new york city. so he is welcome but that. i sent him a note and i told him any other ideas you want we can talk. you can do these things on a city level because you can reach -- speak to them and not let don't speak over them because you can only keep their attention for this long. who can grab and hold onto their attention what is more he cannot score politica
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
airspace with our two biggest focus cities being that of new york's kennedy airport, the largest airline and also boston logan airport over the largest carrier. .. >> deed utilizing constant vertical descent with a content clear flightpath. shorter lifetimes as well as reduced yule burning omissions and cleaner skies initiative in seattle. i think that in my closing thoughts, very good progress has taken place on behalf of our airlines. as i put my hat on. i think that i would be remiss if i did not comment that we are a little bit disappointed that a the procedure that was put into place and laguardia will work towards a solution to benefit us in the new york metroplex. all that said, i am very pleased about the partnership that is taking place. in closing, nextgen is a vital part of the aviation industry. nextgen will reduce waste and improve the environment. it will also improve efficiency and safety and add jobs and strengthen the economy. the case for nextgen has been and continues to be compelling. i would like to thank you, mr. chairman, the ranking member and the distinguished me
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >>host: democrat from new york city. >> caller: you said they are sitting on their hands but look at apple the r&d must be doing something because everybody in new york city was lining up around the block to buy their product. if they want to cut their nose to spite their face nothing you can do about that. you blame the president for congress not getting together. when was business never a guarantee? it is always a risk. then let somebody else do that. >>guest: yes. there is a lot of blame to go around with congress. john boehner, as speaker of the house should provide leadership to ensure a debt deal gets done. i believe bob woodward had interviews with boehner and the president we were complaining about bet debate and it fell flat but these guys are fighting about the amount of taxes and spending. one year later we're waiting for the fiscal cliff. apple has been very successful making products that they want but they are sitting on $40 billion of cash and much of that is overseas. it is not coming back unless there is an environment that is favorable for apple. i don't know whe
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
hotels. now low wind, but just more simple kind of structure and operation. and actually, so lake city airport. and these hotels, the front desk is actually also the starbucks and the breakfast counter. the same person who checks u.n. gets you your coffee and danish. and that is just as simple everyone is looking to do more things with fewer people. therefore instead of 25,000 person, britney 50 people creating jobs. i think it is going to require the really different approach to the economy. we have education here. the two are connected. we have to completely. in an ideal world that is what the connection might be about. romney's few. it's not. but some are elated that is what we're going to have to go to. >> the last of questions. it talks about new actors in the rise of china. you might also characterize it as the emergence of new competitors, new rivals, both in terms of economics and our. tom rowe in his last book china is even the most of its authoritarian as some. by contrast we're getting only 50 percent of the potential benefits from our first-rate democratic system. john brok
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
succeeded. we succeeded because of our outstanding pollees. and let us in the city of manchester show our appreciation is for the extraordinary policemen and women of our country do for our country. caught back [applause] and we succeeded and this is a real blessing. we succeeded because of a group of individuals. a group of individuals against london's bid and thought nevermind, we are going to pioneer the bid to london. we are going to fight for the bid for london. we are going to win the bid for london to our very dame tessa jowell. [applause] you know what? e. nowak, friends, we succeeded because of one reason more than any other. we succeeded because of bias. we succeeded because of us, as the british people, us the british people who welcome the athletes from abroad, who chairs the non, found ourselves talking to each other each morning about what happened at the olympics the night before. whether we hadn't talked to each other before, we succeeded because we came together as a country. we were together as a country. we join together as a country. that is why we achieve more than we
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5